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Ostrov Knowledge Base is a unique web portal containing all information on refrigeration and cryogenic equipment, air conditioning systems and technologies of manufacture, processing and storage of agricultural production. 


This is the largest professional database including books, educational manuals, specialized periodicals, informational and scientific editions, technical documentation as well as interactive training courses, calculation programs, catalogues and instructions from leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment. Actual news about events in the refrigeration industry as well as detailed information on exhibitions for refrigeration and on associations of producers and customers of refrigeration equipment are presented in appropriate sections of the Knowledge Base.

An up-to-date search engine, which has the functions of full-text search and search by metadata (search by title, author, year of edition etc.), helps to find the information you need quickly and accurately.

The tools of the personal room enable registered users to create lists of selected documents, watch recently viewed editions, upload information into the Knowledge Base independently, customize the mailing system, and manage your themes and comments in blogs.   

On-line consultants of the website are always ready to render you timely assistance if you have some troubles with the portal.

With the help of Ostrov Knowledge Base, specialists working on the refrigeration market, students and graduate students, scientists and lecturers as well as every person connected with refrigeration will be able to find useful information, get qualified help and communicate with colleagues.

The portal offers you timely support at any time and in every place!