Komplette Kältetechnik

Ostrov Green Technology

Ostrov Green Technology (OGT) is an innovative cooling system that corresponds to all European requirements for ecology and energy efficiency. Completely factory-assembled equipment, low refrigerant charge, easy for installation, the possibility of stepless commissioning, 100% use of waste heat for heating and hot water supply - the main advantages of OGT.

Field of application of Ostrov Green Technology: shops and restaurants, hotels and offices, food storages and processing areas.


Technical information of the OGT equipment listed in the catalogue

Technical catalogue OGT-catalogue-DE.pdf 3.49 Mb

Simple selection guide describes calculation of all components of system

Questionnaire OGT-Questionnaire-DE.pdf 122.1 Kb
P&ID of Ostrov Green Technology OGT-PID-EN.dwg 284 Kb